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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to make money with Hotfile

First, for one who didn’t know about HotFile:

* Register a HotFile accout here. After registration, you must enter the affiliate program in your account (click on Affiliate , than click on Join Affiliate program) and than enter you payment detail and click Become Affiliate. And then you can make money from hot file.

And There Are 5 Tips To Maximum Your Earning With HotFile:
1/ What Kind Of Files? You should visit big forums to see which is hot today. And then download or remote upload them to your hotfile account, you coud get thousand of downloads.
2/ What Size Of Files? Not so big and not too small. Only files larger than 5 MB are counted and give money. And only complete download is counted
3/ When? Don’t post in night, try to find which time is the best of one forum and post at. 5 PM ~ 9 PM is the best.
4/ Where? Post to big forum as warez-bb, katzforum or portal as dl4all, tinydl etc.
5/ HOW? The best and the fastest way is use auto post tool.

More tips how to increase your hotfile rank to platinum:

For those who dont understand how hotfiles uploader rank works, Ur rank depends on the following factors:

1. How much resources u are using: the ratio of total no. of files u have uploaded / total space used.
2. Resource usage may also include how much ur earning from hotfile. This can be seen clearly as most ppl who earn a lot have lower ranks….as far as i have seen.
3. How much ur files are being downloaded
4. How much sales u are bringing hotfile. More sales = higher rank

How to improve rank:
1. Use less resource -> try to earn with already uploaded files and dont upload like a glutton
2. HF uploaders should delete old files that are not being downloaded anymore or have very less downloads.
3. Dont use hotfile just to provide mirrors or as file backup. if ur a rs uploader then try to post only hotfile links from time to time coz rs knows were doing piracy and they wont pay us like hf does.
4. Try to get more sales from ur files / site and directly from ur hf account. This can be done in the following way:

a) Promote via files-> Post ur files in as many places as possible and upload popular content. this point is the most important

b) Promote via site-> Dont know the general consensus but it can be done by making an attractive and persuasive banner which can say things like “If u want to support this site then please buy a HF account” or “Havin problems with RS download quota? Try HF NOW!”

c) Promote via Site sales->Site sales can be increased with integrating ALL of ur sites with ur hotfile account

More tips and info about making money whit hotfile is on this webpage

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